Mirage Medicinal exists to provide care and relief to people in need. Every one of our members knows first hand the therapeutic attributes of Medical Marijuana/Cannabis. The founding story of Mirage Medicinal was recently told on an episode of Viceland's "Weediquette" called "Going Legit". You can view the episode right here. 
We are deeply committed to building relationships around restorative marijuana drug policy on a state and nationwide level through Mirage founder Nina Park's, "SuperNova Women" a non-profit organization comprised of women of color in the marijuana/cannabis industry. 



Is this legal?  
Yes, we are California state certified medicinal cannabis cooperative. Our cooperative is incorporated under the Cooperative Corporation laws and regulations set fourth by the State of California. Mirage Medicinal adheres to all city and state laws and regulations governing cooperatives and medical cannabis dispensaries.


Why should I become a member and purchase from Mirage Medicinal?  
Our mission is simple: We provide the highest quality medicinal cannibals to our patients and adhere to the highest standards of safety and health in a legal and hassle-free method. Furthermore, we strive to provide an experience that supports and nurtures your inner and outer being. By providing direct-to-patient delivery service, we are committed to accommodating the diverse lifestyles of our patients. 


So where do I order? 
Our online menu and ordering system can be found here. Online orders may be placed 24 hours a day. 

Our phone in order service hours are: 11am - 9pm daily. 

Normal delivery drop off hours are: Mon-Sat. 11am - 10pm and Sunday 12pm-6pm  (delivery times may fall outside of normal delivery hours dependent upon demand)

You can call direct at 415-264-5328. 

Do not hesitate to reach out to our team of professionals. At Mirage, we look forward to advising you on the emporium of cannabis products we offer: Cannabis (Marijuana), Pre-Rolls, Edibles, Hash, Kief, Concentrates, Vaporizers, and more.

One of our guiding principles is providing the best relief. So if you are not completely satisfied with your online order after it arrives, just return the almost full portion of it for credit or exchange through our free delivery service with-in 48 hours of the delivery order. Simply email MirageMedicinalOrders@Gmail.Com with the subject "Return". (Lets be honest; Orders that are less than 75% full cannot be returned/exchanged)

Is your menu updated regularly? 
Yes. Our menu is updated frequently, so please check back daily to see what strains we currently offer.

Can I schedule orders in advance?  
Yes. We take appointments. When ordering on the ordering platform you may designate if you need your medicine delivered now or if you’d like to schedule it. 

What payment methods do you accept?  
Cash on delivery.

Do you have a minimum order amount?  
Yes. Our minimum delivery order is $45 in San Francisco. For the Peninsula the minimum is $55. Service to the East and North Bay are in the works.


How exactly does delivery work? 
We supply San Francisco with high-quality medical marijuana by delivery to anywhere in the city, be it your home, your work, or even a café you are relaxing in. In doing so we adhere to the highest standards around health, safety, and patients' rights.

Mirage Medicinal exists to supply San Franciscans with the most exclusive selection of medicinal cannabis where ever they might be. We deliver to any and all residential and commercial buildings, as well as public spaces such as parks.

First, you need to sign up for membership to become a part of our cooperative. Our online sign-up form is here. Once your application is processed, you will receive a phone call from our customer service representative to confirm all information submitted. Patients are called within 24 hours of receipt of application. Once confirmed, you will receive your login information to order cannabis online via our website. We also accept phone orders.

What is your delivery radius?  
We deliver anywhere within San Francisco city limit. Special deliveries outside of San Francisco can be accommodated.

Do you ship?  
Under no circumstances can your order be shipped via mail.

How should vendors contact our staff?
Vendors please contact us at info@miragemedicinal.com 


Mirage Medicinal is a cooperative of wellness–this means the medicine we provide for our members has also been created by members of the cooperative. To become a member of the cooperative, you will need to submit your doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis, proof of California residency (a CA state ID or Drivers License). By law, you must be at least 18 years old to access cannabis from a dispensary. You will submit all documentation through our online membership sign-up form. Upon receipt of application, we will verify your information and send you message with your approval information. Once verified, you will be able to place an order via our website, phone call or text. If you have questions, please contact us at info@miragemedicinal.com.

I, _____________________________, agree that as a condition of my membership in MIRAGE MEDICINAL, a California Non-Profit Medical Cannabis Cooperative (“Cooperative”), I will comply with all terms and conditions in this Membership Application and Agreement. By becoming a member of the Cooperative, I specifically authorize the Cooperative, through its members, to cultivate, transport and otherwise prepare Marijuana for my medical use and benefit, for which I may be required to reimburse the members for their operating costs and expenses as determined by the Cooperative management. The Cooperative is a non-profit co op. Member hereby acknowledges that it is illegal for cooperative or individuals to profit from the sale or distribution of marijuana.
In order to become a member of the Cooperative, I must provide to the Cooperative a record of the following:
1. My Valid California Identification Card or Driver’s License; and
2. Either one of the following items of proof of qualified patient status:
    A.    A State of California Medical Marijuana Program Identification Card; or
    B.    A Valid Verifiable California Physician’s Recommendation for the use of 
Medical Cannabis.*
*I understand that providing only a written Physician’s recommendation, the Cooperative will be required to verify the status of the Physician’s license, and to contact the Physician’s office to verify the authenticity of the Recommendation. I consent to the verification of my Recommendation.
The following are the Cooperative’s Rules which must be abided by at all times:
    .    a)  I will not use the Cooperative’s cannabis for other than medical purposes;
    .    b)  I will not to sell, furnish, or in any way distribute cannabis to non-members;
    .    c)  If my Recommendation expires or is revoked or rescinded for any reason I will immediately 
notify the Cooperative and will not under any circumstances attempt to obtain cannabis from the Cooperative without a valid and authentic Physician’s Recommendation.
    .    d)  I will not leave my medical marijuana unattended in any place a minor may have access 
In consideration of your membership the Cooperative agrees to assume the following responsibilities:
a) To provide Cooperative members with free or discounted marijuana depending on the member’s financial capability, their health, and/or their contribution to the Cooperative.

b) May provide transportation to and from medical appointments for those who may be medicated or sick and may be unable to safely operate a motor vehicle.
c) To provide counseling and direction for all members, upon request, for the safe and responsible use of medical marijuana.
d) To safely and securely maintain the membership records and to protect member’s medical privacy by not disclosing, publishing, or furnishing medical or membership information to any person or organization whatsoever, including law enforcement, unless the member specifically requests the Cooperative to do so, or agrees to the disclosure of his or her medical and or membership records prior to the information being disclosed;

e) To track the expiration and renewal of each member’s medical cannabis recommendation and/or identification cards; (At the Cooperative management’s discretion, the Cooperative will pay for the members’ initial medical marijuana evaluation and any subsequent renewals.)
f) To enforce the conditions of membership by excluding members whose identification card or physician recommendation are invalid, have expired, or who are caught diverting marijuana for non- medical use, or participating in any type of behavior that the Cooperative does not feel is consistent with the Cooperative Cooperative’s mission;
g) To operate at all times as a Non-profit Cooperative, and if necessary, to maintain a valid Seller’s Permit from the State of California, and to pay Sales Tax on all transactions as required under the laws of the State.
Cancellation and/or Removal
Members have the right to be removed from the program at any time. The moment you inform us by phone, by email or in person, you will no longer be a member. The Cooperative has the right to remove members at anytime for any reason. This may be done by phone, by email or in person.
The Cooperative further advises members who are stopped and/or detained by law enforcement for possession of cannabis to observe the following recommendations:
    1.     Members agree that according to the bylaws,their membership will be revoked  and the member expelled from the coop if the gross amount of purchases within an annual period is less than $100.00 (one hundred dollars)
    2.    When cannabis is in your possession, always carry a valid form of personal identification along with your California Medical Marijuana Program ID or a copy of your valid Physician’s Recommendation for the use of cannabis for medical purposes.
    3.     Identify yourself as a patient and furnish the officer a form of valid identification and a copy of your MMP ID Card or your Recommendation.
    4.    If the officer/agent continues to question you about the details of how you obtained your medicine or your use of cannabis, ask the officer if you are free to go, then immediately inform the officer that you do not wish to make any further statements about the cannabis and you do not consent to any search of your person, your property, or your vehicle. If you are detained, immediately state clearly and unequivocally that you will not make any statements to law enforcement without an attorney present and request immediate access to an attorney.
Cooperative further advises members of the following:
1. Members agree that (according to the bylaws, memberships may not be transferred to another person.)
2. Members agree that each one may request a copy of the bylaws of Mirage Medicinal at any time, and the members are encouraged to read and understand the bylaws of Mirage Medicinal Coop. Inc
By signing this Application and Agreement, I acknowledge that I have read this entire Membership Application Agreement and agree to abide by the Rules as stated herein. I understand that my membership may be terminated at any time by the Cooperative management if it is determined that I have violated any of the rules or other conditions of this Membership Application Agreement, if I am no longer a qualified patient or caregiver under California law, or if my behavior is inconsistent with the interests of the patients that apprise the Cooperative.